Gold Sabertooth Set
Gold Sabertooth Set on Model
Gold Tooth Necklace
Gold Adjustable Bracelet on Model
Silver Sabertooth Set
Silver Sabertooth Set on Model
Silver Adjustable Bracelet
Black Sabertooth Set
Black Sabertooth Set on Model
Black Adjustable Bracelet
Black Tooth Necklace

Primal Bundle

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Tiger Energy

Release the tiger within you with this premium jewelry set from Atypical Man, featuring a Sabertooth Necklace and 2 Adjustable Bracelets. Throw this on streetwear or casual attire for the ultimate look!



WARNING! This necklace exudes dominance.


CORD SIZE: 30" length.

CORD MATERIAL: Interwoven Vegan Microfibre Leather.

PENDANT SIZE: 5.5 cm x 2.5 cm.

PENDANT MATERIAL: Military Grade 316L Stainless Steel.

WEIGHT: 35g.

ALLERGY: Hypoallergenic. No rashes or discoloration from long-term wear.


Adjustable Bracelet

Whether dressed up for a night out, or dressed down for a casual day, this subtle and sleek bracelet is sure to turn heads.


SIZE: Adjustable to 3 sizes, up to 8" wrists.

STRAP: Vegan Microfibre Leather.

CLASP: Durable 316L Stainless Steel.

WEIGHT: 10g.

ALLERGY: Hypoallergenic. No rashes or discoloration from long-term wear.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect Accessory

Got this with another necklace and a ring. This fits right in with my collection while looking great with anything I’ve worn with it. Very comfortable to wear and gets a lot of compliments. Highly recommend adding to your collection.

Emmanuel Ibis
Unique Mens Fashionable Neckpiece

The product came as stated!
A classy neckpiece, which I wear every single day. Glad I came across Atypical Man, looking forward to many more purchases!


Awesome products and plan on sharing it with others. I already got inquiries as to where I got it from.