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Gold Sabertooth Necklace

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Heavy and dominant, the Gold Sabertooth Necklace keeps you facing forward when others are looking backward. Feels great in your hands and around your neck, and gives you a strong rugged masculine vibe. Made entirely out of 316L stainless steel with a strong vegan leather rope. 

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316L Stainless Steel. 18K Gold Plating.
Does not corrode or change color over wear or time.

30” length. 
Vegan woven microfiber leather. 

Biocompatible with all skin types. Hypoallergenic. Anyone can wear it without fear of rashes or discoloration.

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Kamil Kuzminski

Great product, definitely recommend it

Never got it

Been weeks and never got it

Hey Michael, the shipping option you went with (Canada Post) is usually around 5-10 business days for USA, and I believe you should have received it by now as you're coming close to the 10 day mark now since we shipped your product. Please be patient as due to Covid-19, all shipping companies are experiencing record high shipping, so there are bound to be some delays. We've heard of rare cases where postal offices in various states in the US hold on to packages for an extra 1-2 weeks before delivering due to fears of Covid. You may need to contact your local post office and they will release your products if they are holding them. Please bear with us as these are outside of our control. For more info, please visit <a href=''></a>