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NEW - Gold Dragon Eye

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Inspired by ancient German symbolism, our 18-inch size Gold Dragon Eye is an equilateral triangle pointing downward, with the Atypical Man logo in the center connecting the three sides of the triangle together.

The triangle shape in our design represents constant threat and our logo represents a choice between good and evil, a decision we face almost daily. The triangle shape is also unique across cultures for its inherent duplicity depending on which side it’s facing, and to compliment this duplicity, every Dragon Eye Necklace comes with a set of Dragon Eye Earrings. 3 pieces for 3 sides of a triangle.

With the logo facing outward the Dragon Eye Necklace represents order and tranquility; for days you are in control, in charge, and mentally at ease. The marble side of the necklace facing outward represents chaos and context; your heaviest days weigh you down only as long as you let them. Sometimes you need chaos to give perspective for something to work towards. 

Wear the necklace with or without the earrings, or bundle it in a collection with one of our watches, ring and bracelets using the Build Your Own Bundle button above.

316L Stainless Steel. 18K Gold Plating.
Does not corrode or change color over wear or time. 

18 inch.

Biocompatible with all skin types. Hypoallergenic. Anyone can wear it without fear of rashes or discoloration.

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Jonathan Morales
Sleek! #Winner

This necklace is freakin amazing. I haven't taken it off since the moment I put it on. It's sleek. Sits perfectly on the collar bone area. I just feel instantly cooler wearing it. Highly recommend this for yourself or even as a gift. A simple, classic accessory that will up your style, hands down!