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Adjustable Bracelet

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Oozing With Confidence

Whether dressed up for a night out, or dressed down for a casual day, this subtle and sleek bracelet is sure to turn heads.


SIZE: Adjustable to 3 sizes, up to 8" wrists.

STRAP: Vegan Microfibre Leather.

CLASP: Military Grade 316L Stainless Steel.

WEIGHT: ~10g.

ALLERGY: Hypoallergenic. No rashes or discoloration from long-term wear.

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Customer Reviews

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Guest Customer
Brace (let) yourself

I have never worn a bracelet before.
I wear this one occasionally and I like it way more than I expected. It has taken some getting used to though.

Lloyd M
Needs to be bigger

The bracelet itself is very nice although it needs to be bigger. I can barely close bracelet around my wrist on the biggest setting. I would recommend as well as having an adjustable clasp, that the bracelet should be available in different sizes too. I guess I'm just not a typical man? Other than the sizing I quite like the style of the bracelet (even though I do not wear mine) I still wish the company well and hope they can take this constructive criticism and fix the sizing issue. I had considered buying another and connecting them together but I feel it would then be too big, that being said, the guys at Atypicalman are friendly and helpful.

Freddy Foster

I actually haven’t gotten the package yet so I’m not sure