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5 Fashion Hacks To Look Better And Save Money

5 Fashion Hacks to Look Better and Save Money

As we get closer to the new year, so many guys worry their current wardrobe isn’t cutting it anymore, and start looking into buying new clothes. Out with the old, in with the new? But chances are you already have a good amount of clothing in your closet that still looks and fits great. Why spend time and money to buy new clothes, when you can look stylish by just employing some basic fashion hacks. Here are our top 5 fashion hacks every guy must know about going into 2021.


  1. Coffee to Add Colour Back Into Your Black Clothing

Your black clothes no longer have that crisp dark black colour they once had? No problem! Simply wash your blacks in a washing machine with cold water, and toss in 2 cups of strong black coffee during the rinse cycle (make sure you’re not mixing in whites or other colours). Coffee is a natural dye and it will reinvigorate your dark clothes. It will also make them smell good, which in turn makes you smell good - it’s win/win.


  1. The T-shirt Sleeve Roll

The t-shirt is a staple in any guy’s wardrobe. It’s the go-to for warm weather attire, and fits comfortably under any sweater, vest, or just about anything you want to throw on top. Most guys go through shirts quickly because they think their old shirt just hanging in the closet has no life left to give. But the style connoisseur knows how to take an older, less fitted shirt and make it feel like new again. Rolling the sleeves on your shirt once or twice is the perfect way to give you style points, and help make your arms look bigger while you’re at it. In just seconds you’ve taken a basic t-shirt and made it fit more snug around the arms, and helped your bicep and tricep look more defined.


Atypical Man | Before sleeve roll
Atypical Man | After sleeve roll



  1. The Pin Roll on Longer Pants

90% of pants won’t fit perfectly when you buy them, and chances are you have old pairs of pants in your closet that you’re bored of or they are too loose at the bottom (and thus no longer in style). Most guys don’t tailor every single pair of paints they own - that would be an expensive and lengthy process to go through. Instead, you can use the pin roll to cuff the bottom of your pants until they fit better. This will give you a cleaner, aesthetic, and modern look that will instantly enhance your style. Not only will this help your pants fit better, it will also make your shoes stand out giving you a very crisp look. Try pairing this with a classic pair of white or black sneakers and no socks for a killer combo.


Atypical Man | Before pin roll
Atypical Man | After pin roll



  1. Double Sided Tape to fix the Collar on Your Dress Shirts or Polos

Do you notice when you first buy a dress shirt or polo, the collar has a nice crisp shape that sits perfectly on your body, and you feel like a total boss wearing them? How come they never fit as good as the first time? So many guys have a graveyard of polos and dress shirts in their closet they’re afraid to touch because the collars have (inevitably) twisted and warped and no longer look as good. Luckily there’s an easy solution for this. Just grab some double sided tape you probably have lying around and use it on the inside of the collar to tape each side to the shirt. Additionally, you can also use this trick to make sure the placket has a neat shape to it.


Atypical Man | Taped collar before
Atypical Man | Taped collar after



  1. Matching Accessories to Enhance Your Look

Chances are you already have a good amount of clothing in your closet. The problem is so many guys get bored of wearing the same clothes over and over again, so it’s only natural to want to go out and buy more clothes. But this is a vicious, never ending cycle that perpetually drains time and energy, and doesn’t leave your wallet very happy. This is where having a powerful set of accessories really pays off. Once you do, you can use your accessories with any outfits to radically change your look. This is why we at Atypical Man are so excited about our upcoming line of accessory bundles. You keep your existing clothes, and we provide you with a unique and affordable set of accessories in a matching bundle that can be used to take any outfit from boring to brilliant in just seconds! Accessories are so crucial in giving your style an edge and helping you have a unique look each and every day. Just look how much of a difference it makes in something as simple as an all white or all black outfit below.


Atypical Man | Before bundle - white outfit
Atypical Man | After bundle - white outfit


Atypical Man | Before bundle - black outfit
Atypical Man | After bundle - black outfit

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